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The Robot - 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Cellphone with Android OS

Espressione 1377 Café Chic Espresso/Cappuccino Machine
Espressione 1377 Café Chic Espresso/Cappuccino Machine


Por: R$ 1.106,16  à vista ( Cartão Débito )
R$ 1.296,09  em 10x de R$ 129,61 iguais
com juros de 1,99 a.m e 26,68 a.a.

Fabricante: Robot

Prazo entrega : Disponível Sob encomenda
15-20 dias úteis após o despacho

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Formas de Pagamento

Cartão de Crédito ( parcela mínima R$ 5,00 )    
Nº de parcelas Valor da Parcela Juros Valor do Produto
à vista R$ 1.106,16 sem juros R$ 1.106,16
2x iguais* R$ 578,03 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.156,05
3x iguais* R$ 391,00 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.172,99
4x iguais* R$ 297,54 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.190,14
5x iguais* R$ 241,48 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.207,38
6x iguais* R$ 204,12 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.224,72
7x iguais* R$ 177,47 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.242,31
8x iguais* R$ 157,52 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.260,14
9x iguais* R$ 142,01 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.278,08
10x iguais* R$ 129,61 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.296,09
11x iguais* R$ 119,49 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.314,37
12x iguais* R$ 111,06 juros de 1,99% R$ 1.332,71
* juros de 1,99% a.m. / 26,68% a.a.

Detalhes do Produto


 Welcome to 2010, a new year and a brand new phone. The Robot Android OS cell phone is here. With plenty of great apps, Wifi, and being fully unlocked, this is THE mobile phone for people who enjoy taking control of their communication experience.
With a Samsung 2448 400Mhz processor for quick response time along with the user-friendly Android OS environment, you can make phone calls, send text messages, create media enhanced picture messages, and much more inside the phone´s richly enhanced GUI menu system. Better still, you have instant access to all of your favorite Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Talk.
Much like a mini netbook computer, the Robot Superphone lets you do so much more than a regular cell phone. Already pre-loaded with over 20 apps, you can instant message, send email, check the weather, read your favorite RSS feeds, and do so much more with a single cellphone.
With all those pre-loaded applications on the Robot Superphone you can already communicate with friends, family and colleagues in every way possible, but that is not all! New tools and toys are constantly being developed for the Android OS which you can download from the Google Apps store or other internet sites onto your microSD memory card (a 2GB card is included free!) to run on your new Superphone. Since Android is an open-source operating system, you will be able to enjoy a constant stream of new, exciting, and often free selection of software to enjoy on your new Robot Superphone.
You can also use the phone´s wireless connection to surf the internet on wifi wireless hotspots. Not only will this allow you to be more productive and enjoy your free time more, but when you surf the internet on your wifi connection - it is free, with no need to use up your cell phone data plan minutes!
If you are in the market for a new phone for yourself or the one you love, then this is the phone for you! The Robot Superphone is designed to be the most interesting phone you have ever owned. Made for today´s busy lifestyle, this mobile phone really will cater to your every need, whether you are a corporate exec or soccer mom. It is in stock in our warehouse right now for single piece or large bulk purchases, so order yours today and we will express ship it out tomorrow!
At a Glance...
    * Wifi
    * Unlocked
    * Reads PDF Files
    * Google Android OS
    * New Robot Superphone
    * Dual Band GSM (900/1800)
    * 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Display
    * 2GB microSD memory card is included free!
    * Pre-loaded with plenty of Apps (more than 25!)
    * Power phone for power-users, but at a low wholesale price!
    * Download new software tools and toys to your microSD card to run on your Superphone

NOTE: This product is compatible with the worldwide standard GSM frequencies of 900MHz and 1800MHz. Please check with your local provider if you are unsure of your local band requirement.
GSM Frequency Information
This Cell Phone works with the following GSM Frequencies:
900 MHz + 1800 MHz
Please check that the local cell network matches the phone´s GSM standard.
Click here to view frequencies for all major worldwide cell phone networks.
Manufacturer Specifications
    * Main Function: Robot Dual Band Cellphone With Android OS
    * Network: GSM Dual Band 900 / 1800 MHZ
    * Display: 2.8 Inch LCD Touchscreen Display
    * Processor: Samsung 2448 400Mhz
    * Operating System: Google Android
    * Android Version: 1.5 (Cupcake)
    * Baseband Version: IFX 900/1800
    * Kernel Version: 2.6.25 ljx@ljx #560
    * Camera: 1.3-megapixel CMOS
    * Memory:
      - Internal - 512 MB
      - External: 2GB Micro SD Memory Card Included
    * Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0, High Speed Transfer
    * Internet: GPRS, WAP, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    * Data Services: SMS, MMS, GPRS
    * Battery
      - Up to 180 - 300 minutes talk tim
      - Up to 180 - 300 hours stand-by time
    * Speaker: Built in stereo loudspeakers
    * Date & Time: Automatic, Set Date, Select Time Zone, Set Time, Use 24 Hour Format, Select Date Format
    * Connectivity: Bluetooth (for Bluetooth Headset only), Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
    * Power Source: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 1200mAh 3.7V
    * Charging Method: Wall AC/DC Adapter 100-240V, or USB charge via PC
    * Primary Menu Options: Advanced, Alarm Clock, Browser, Calculator, Calibrate Screen, Camera, Contacts, Dev Tools, Dialler, Email, Gallery, Gmail, Google Talk, IM+, MAP's, Market, Messaging, Music, Note Pad, OI File Management, Quick Office, RepliGo Reader, RSS Reader, Settings, Spare Parts, Weather Widgets
    * Status Display: Battery Status, Battery Level, Phone Number, Network, Signal Strength, Mobile Network Type, Service State, Roaming, Mobile Network State, IMEI SV, Wi-Fi MAC Address, Bluetooth Address, UP Time
    * Wireless Controls: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Settings, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Settings, Mobile Networks
    * Call Settings: Fixed Dialing Number, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Additional Call
    * Sound & Display: Silent Mode, Ring Volume, Media Volume, Phone Ringtone, Phone Vibrate, Notifications Ringtone, Audible Touch Tones, SD Card Notifications, Animations, Brightness, Screen Time Out.
    * Security & Location: Use Wireless Network, Set Unlock Pattern, Set-up SIM Card Lock, Visible Passwords
    * Applications: Unknown Sources, manage Applications, Development
    * SD Card & Phone Storage: USB Mass Storage, Total Space, Available Space, Un-mount SD Card, Format SD Card, Internal Storage, Factory DATA Reset
    * Still Camera Specs
      - Resolution - 1600 x 1200
      - Format - JPEG
      - Zoom -/+, Gallery, Set As, Share, Delete
      - Share Via Gmail, Messaging
      - Set As - Contact Icon, Wallpaper
    * Media Supported Formats
      - Video - 3GP
      - Music - MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMA,
      - Pictures - JPEG, PNG, GIF
      - EBook Reader - TXT, PDF
    * Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese
    * Dimensions: L:106 x W:58 x D:16
    * Manufacturers Ref: ADR13T6K0A23

Product Notes
    * Android OS Smartphone
    * Included 2GB bonus TF card with 10 bonus apps included
    * The USB connection is designed only to charge the Android cellphone
    * Run the music player in the background while you browse the rest of your cellphone
    * Detailed User Manual is PDF format, located on the included Micro SD Memory Card
    * Sub-Primary Menu Options
      - Advanced - Applications, Processes, Systems, Un-install
      - Contacts - Dialer, Call Log, Contacts, Favorite
      - DEV Tools - Development Settings, Exception Browser, Google Login Service, GTalk Service Monitor, Instrumentation, Media Scanner, Package Browser, Pointer Location, RAW Image Viewer, Running Processes, Terminal Emulator
      - Gallery - All Pictures, All Videos, Audio, My Music, Videos (In Thumbnail View)
      - Messages - Compose New Message, (Messages Viewed As Threads), Forward, Copy Text Message, View Message Details, Delete Message, Add To Contacts, Call
      - Music Player - Artist, Albums, Songs, Play list (In Thumbnail View)
      - Spare Parts - Battery History, battery Information, Usage Statistics, Windows Animations, Fancy Input Animations, Fancy Rotation Animations, Font Size
      - Settings - Wireless Control, Call Settings, Sound & Display, Security & Location, Applications, Date & Time, Locate & Text, About Phone
    * Camera resolution 1600x1200 = 1.9 Megapixels (MP)
    * If you plan to resell this item in your own country, the most common category names for this product are - mobilni telefon, móvil, telefono celular, telefono movil, telefonía móvil, teléfono celular, купить мобильный телефон, Китай мобильные телефоны, Kína handy, κινητό, cотовый телефон, mobitel, mobiloddal, mobiltelefont, téléphone mobile, teléfono móvil, telefone móvel
Package Contents for Model - CVNC-M80
    * The Robot Dual Band Touchscreen Android Cellphone
    * USB Wall Adapter (100-240v)
    * Stylus
    * USB Cable
    * Bonus 2GB TF Card (included free!)
    * User Manual - English
    * Wired stereo earphones with built-in MIC and clip
    * Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery 1200mAh 3.7V

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